The 2015 Lowell Food and Wine Festival Brought Together Local People To Create a Local Impact

Beautiful weather, good eats, and bubbly drinks attracted over 4,000 Lowellians—double the number from last year’s event—to the 2015 Lowell Food and Wine Festival from September 10 - 13.

The nine different events, in which there was a combination of about 51 different local eateries, breweries, wineries and distillers, provided a fun-filled weekend in which people could eat, drink, and connect to the people in their community.

On Thursday, Sept. 10, the festival kicked off with the opening wine dinner and reception where vintage tunes and a VIP crowd set an energetic tone that carried through the rest of the festival. On Friday, food trucks provided an assortment of delicacies for people to sample while they listened to groovy tunes, sipped on drinks from the Craft Beer Bar and strolled through Kerouac Park.

Our premiere event, The Grand Tasting, took place on Saturday, in Downtown Lowell, on a quaint cobblestone street. Over 20 restaurants, 12 breweries, 14 wineries and distillers set up along the streets and provided a little something for everyone. Anna Mairosi, co-owner of Serengeti Catering, helped serve up some mouth-watering African cuisine to over 700 people. “It was more than worth it to come. It was a great turn out and an extremely positive event. We look forward to the next year. We’ve done about 7 other festivals and this is definitely our top one,” says Mairosi when asked about the event. There were also many different educational workshops which gave viewers a chance to learn how to make the perfect French toast, understand the value of goat meat or even pick up some new cooking techniques.

Many people were excited about the progress this shows that Lowell has made so far, as well as the positive direction our city is moving toward.

Made in Lowell hosts these types of events for exactly this reason: to achieve lasting social change. Jenna Mulready, from a town in the south of Massachusetts, spoke about how going to these events really changed her perception of the city. “I had a negative image of Lowell in my mind and was surprised with the beauty of Lowell, the friendliness, the peacefulness and the security. I’m looking forward to exploring Lowell again.” Celebrating our community gives Lowellians the chance to own who we are and take a moment to come together and feel pride in where we are from. It is then, when we are connected to each other and the place in which we live, learn, work, and play, that we can build the passion and the inspiration that is needed to create a prosperous future.

We continue on our mission to celebrate our community and bring people together by finding ways every day to enjoy our unique city. The Food and Wine Festival is just one way in which we try to accomplish this and we look forward to the next year.