UMass Lowell 2020 Grant Awarded to Made in Lowell

Lowell, Mass. – Nov. 13, 2015 – Last week Chancellor Jacquie Moloney of UMass Lowell announced the latest recipients of 2020 Challenge Grants, Made in Lowell being one of the nine.

The grant recipients were determined by a committee chaired by Economics Prof. Carol McDonough and UMass President Emeritus Jack Wilson. The committee is comprised of representatives of each of the groups eligible for grants: UMass Lowell’s faculty, staff and student body, and members of the community.

We are excited to use this grant to launch our new initiative for the Lowell community. We plan to use this toward the remodeling of our recreational vehicle (a 1975 Zero Scottie Highlander) in order to meet with and gather the stories of residents in each of the city’s neighborhoods. These stories will then be available to the public through programs and events presented by our organization.

“I’m super excited to have been funded by them, UMass Lowell, because it gets us started. It also opens the door for us to be funded by additional sources. We are just happy to be starting on this beautiful project. We are also thankful for our friend, Jim Lichoulas, over at Mill No. 5 who is providing the renovation space for the trailer,” said CEO and Founder of Made in Lowell Tobias Marx.

Gabrielle Davis, member at Made in Lowell, as well as Master’s Candidate for Peace and Conflict Studies at UMass Lowell, is equally as inspired as Marx. "This really embodies the community support Made in Lowell needs to build a campaign that will communicate how wonderful the City of Lowell truly is. With this grant we are able to begin working on the trailer, which will be multi-functional in connecting the different neighborhoods throughout Lowell. Having the opportunity to tell the stories and experiences of Lowell will provide us with a uniqueness in how we collect our data and strengthen community ties. I am thrilled that we’re able to make this impact in Lowell.”

Reconstruction of the trailer has already begun and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress, as well as when our trailer makes its exciting debut on the streets (and maybe your neighborhood!) in the Spring of 2016.


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