Tuesday, February 24, marked the day of our last CONVERSATION. This time we discussed a few questions regarding communication in Lowell. We wrestled to "what we hear and not hear in Lowell" and "what would we like to hear more about in Lowell".

We had a great group of participants from a variety of sectors, including non-profit organizations, artists, public service, small business and downtown merchants.

We decided to let the data speak for itself, and put all results from our discussions, work groups and exercises into one awesome info graphic right here:

Now, you can form your own opinion from these results of course. However, what stood out to our team was the common ground in the answers to some of our questions.  We think we found ground to continue conversation about communication alone, especially how that relates to city government, local events and education.

What also amazed us, was the compassion element. We asked participants about their connections in Lowell. And Causes (nonprofits, initiatives, etc.) overwhelmingly took the first spot. Public service, education, business and art community followed closely though.  This is awesome, because it reveals how close connected the different areas/sectors are in Lowell.

Of you have more questions about this, please feel free to email us at hello@madeinlowell.org or call us at 978.364.1132.

Our next CONVERSATION will be Thursday, March 26 . Join us for breakfast as we explore Collective Impact!