Lowell Birthday!

Fun Fact: Lowell first became a city on April 1, 1836!

Have you been out yet to enjoy an early spring walk? While transitioning from season to season can especially be difficult, spring has surely arrived. What bit of snow remains is melting more each day and temperatures have been pleasant these last few days. If it’s better than bitter then we’re getting somewhere. While Lowell set the record this year for the most snow in America (that’s pretty exciting right) I know most of you feel like that’s not the kind of record we want to be breaking! Have you thought about what kind of records Lowell should be breaking? What are your budding dreams for Lowell?

I know Lowell as one of the most culturally diverse and historically packed places in our country. The time stamps of the past mark the cobblestone streets and the renovated mills are definitely uplifting reminders of the industrial revolution from which our city was born. Yet, moving forward, our hope for the city is to create deliberate and sustainable connections among each sector of the community. To do this, we need each of you to start dreaming and become passionate about making social change together. Now that the sun is shining and the warmth is energizing, I challenge each of you to dream and take part in the community revolution.

We look forward to sharing the adventure with you and along the way, Be Made In Lowell. Join us.