Stories - Acre Family Child Care: Aleksandra Tugbiyele

Acre Family Child Care:

Our mission is to provide a pathway for women to achieve economic independence by operating high quality child care businesses in their homes. Our vision includes ensuring that the children of Greater Lowell have access to a high-quality early education experience, regardless of their parents’ level of income.

Aleksandra Tugbiyele, Development and Communications Coordinator Aleksandra (Aleks) – everything about her and her passion for Acre Family Child Care show the kind of energy that every person should feel for their career and their community. As a staff member and parent of the Acre Family Child Care system, Aleks is a great example for the opportunities that Acre Family Child Care provide to empower women throughout Lowell to improve their families’ economic future. While having worked for other nonprofits in different capacities, it wasn’t until she came to Acre Family Child Care that she realized that her personality naturally fit into her current role with this organization.

She’s always been fond of talking to people so working with Acre Family Child Care was an easy transition for Aleks. “Telling stories is such an important thing that we tell parents to do,” Aleks stated, “As a kid I always used to tell stories, like ridiculous tall tales that would get me in trouble, so I think, well, it’s really cool that I get to tell stories now for a living about an organization that thinks that telling stories is important.” After she had her own children she really began to understand how supportive the Acre Family Child Care women are in empowering one another to continue working. In some capacity, she was always a storyteller and now she has a chance to work with Lowell’s families and listen to their experiences and share those messages to help move this organization forward. Being able to build productive and positive relationships with the community is simply one quality that Aleks exhibits and anyone that meets her knows this from the moment she says hello.

As the Development and Communications Coordinator for Acre Family Child Care, Aleks has a beautiful way of sharing just how vital high quality childcare is to allowing women to work independently. While the AFCC addresses global challenges in the world today that affect Lowell’s families, this small agency has made a huge impact on the community. Social issues like women’s economic development, immigrant integration, the educational achievement gap and the unequal distribution of wealth and economic opportunity are all important issues that AFCC must handle regularly and is part of the support the AFCC programs provide. “For every woman who is able to move from welfare to home ownership our impact is huge. For every child entering school eager and ready to learn, the difference we make is enormous. Our mission is just as relevant, our work is just as needed as it was when we were founded over 25 years ago.” With the creativity and ingenuity of AFCC staff, like Aleksandra, to address the struggles and celebrate the achievements of these women, the families of Lowell are in good hands. With such a diverse population, the AFCC serve families from Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Burma, Iraq and the US which strengthens cultural competencies and the success of each family in developing bonds with one another creating a more engaged and effective community. Lowell is better because of the work Acre Family Child Care is doing throughout the city.