An Autumn Walk in Lowell

Take a walk in Lowell and reimagine history
to connect the path ahead of our great
community with the cultural vitality of the past.
It’s amazing!

Autumn is a beautiful place to be - this season is adorned with cool mornings and a colorful palette. Mornings like today I let my feet wander and wonder of the many untapped places one can discover in Lowell. I really love creating celebrations in places that are less explored. Lowell has the beauty, peacefulness and friendliness that makes this community home to so many impressive people. There are still many places I've yet to discover here and ambitiously hope to find myself there soon.

Very recently I received the opportunity to lead Made In Lowell into our next phase of development. Our former President and CEO, Tobias Marx, had a compelling vision for our community and with his support and encouragement he readied me to continue building upon this foundation upon his resignation.

My personal vision for this organization is to continue strengthening our partnerships, celebrating community achievements together, nurturing new ideas, fostering community traditions, and further investing in the City of Lowell as an advocate for all that live, learn, work, play and achieve greatness in this community. Simply - I love Lowell and have found my home here. This City has the character and liveliness that continue to inspire me to give more, do more, and become more. 

I see our potential. Each of us have a pretty cool opportunity to continue developing dynamic leaders, engaging new people in efforts, and fulfilling our capacity to envision a greater Lowell together. This Lowell is our Lowell and Made In Lowell strives to align with the unified mission of a collective community. I want to see us succeed and promise to dedicate myself to our success. Yet, all of this is only possible with each of us investing in the potential of Lowell's tomorrow. 

With the ideas, support and engagement from our community members - Made In Lowell will bring more incredible opportunities, capture more of what Lowell is, and strive to enrich the heart of Lowell with more creative and abundant moments that increase the livability of our City. This is our City - make Lowell the city we all want it to become!

We aspire to provide a platform where our collective stories and ambition can create the Lowell we all desire by becoming more community driven and entirely community oriented. We're all part of the Lowell experience. Thank you for welcoming me into the community, encouraging and supporting me in this spectacular transition, and becoming part of my experience in Lowell. 

With all my kindness,

Gabby Davis, President & Director of Operations